What’s Been Going On With the Rookies Lately

We’ve taken a long break from bringing on new rookies because we were working so hard to create an environment that would allow us work with all of the rookies more effectively.



People generally became r00kies because they wanted to gain some experience in the IT Security field. When the r00kie groups were small – this worked perfectly. I’d meet with the rookies on Skype or on IRC a few times a week, give them tasks to do, and they’d put their work in dropbox.

As the word spread about the r00kie group we had grown to well over 70 r00kies and we were still trying to communicate with all of them via email and skype and still share files with Dropbox. This just didn’t work. Sharepoint and similar solution ideas were kicked around, and we even tried a few of them before eventually giving up on that direction as well.

The second thing that a project management system like Sharepoint didn’t address was helping r00kies actually document their experience as a r00kie so they could show potential employers.

So for the last few months we’ve been working on the new website IT Security Professionals (it-security-professionals.com). There were several goals that this site needed to accomplish:

  1. r00kie group goals:
    1. Provide us with a project management solution so we could task r00kies with projects and track the status of those projects.
    2. Provide us with the ability for r00kies to collaborate on documents
    3. Provide us with a mechanism to allow r00kies to show what their contributions to the r00kie program have been
    4. IT Security Community Goals
      1. Provide us with a mechanism to give back to the IT Security Community
      2. Provide the IT Security Community with a vehicle to learn and keep up with the industry


The Website Concept

So for the last few months we’ve been working on the new website IT Security Professionals (it-security-professionals.com). It’s like a combination of LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster.com for IT Security Professionals only. It will allow you to learn the technical areas of IT Security for FREE, keep up with the industry, post/apply for jobs, and contribute to the industry as well.

There is a lot more to come so please check out the website, and give us feedback so we can make it better. If you’re looking to become a rookie – just join the website and then join the r00kie group there. Next week we’ll start organizing all of the r00kies and giving them tasks to complete.


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