Welcome to the Security Rookies Website

You can call it an internship, you can call it slave labor, or you can call it a bunch of hackers hanging out. The Security Rookies – aka – “the rookies” are a group of people that are interested in learning hands-on security concepts from Joe McCray. They are tasked with doing security research, writing documentation, proof-reading/editing IT Security courseware, and assisting on penetration tests and incident response engagements.

What is required:

  • Regular meetings shall be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Skype. Best effort shall be made to attend. If one cant attend, prior notice shall be given to team lead asap.
  • Special meetings may be held at any time when called for by the team lead. Best effort must be made to attend or otherwise obtain the information from the meeting.
  • Agendas will include discussing assignments, penetration tests, etc …
  • If more than two consecutive weeks are missed with no contact, team member shall be dismissed.
  • Best effort to complete assignments by due date shall be made. Notify team lead of any expected delays.

What are the Benefits/Perks:

  • Free access to IT security courses from Strategic Security (access granted based on work output)
  • Joe McCray will pay for your certifications exams based on work output
  • You may assist Strategic Security consultants on pentests,  and other security engagements

After 1 year of being a rookie with satisfactory work output – Joe will take you to conference (ex: Black Hat, Def Con) and pay the basic travel expenses such as Airfare, Hotel, and Meals.


If you are interested in joining – you can contact Joe McCray via email at: joe [ -at- ] strategicsec.com



About Joseph McCray Jr.

Things I love - My family (of course), Hacking, Basketball, Martial Arts....I'm a work-a-holic - deal with it.

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  1. Hi J0e.

    How can we register?

  2. Would love to hear more about this!
    Trying to find out whether it can be juggled with current assignment (and timezone) or not.


  3. How do i sign up? Highly Interested in this great opportunity.

  4. prerequisites? & how do we register/apply?

  5. Where do I sign up? More info would be appreciated.

  6. I’m also interested! Please let me know where i can register.

  7. Would love to hear more about this!

  8. I’d love to be a part of this…currently enrolled in a Masters of Information Systems program at the UoP online. Eager to learn. Suffered an SQL injection attack on my wifi network and laptop…looking to fix it now. Currently I’m using a back up computer.

  9. I would like more information as well…

  10. Would love to be a part of this how does one register?

  11. Count me in for info as well.

  12. I’d love to know more about the selection process or what is required. Sounds like it could be a blast!

  13. How can we register

  14. flashmanbahadur

    Looks like we all want in.

  15. Thanks for all of the great responses. I’m speaking at BSidesLA right now – I’ll be contacting everyone either tonight or tomorrow.

  16. Yes!!! Was afraid this might turn out to be bogus.

  17. I was a little worried as well but ever since my school dropped it’s info sec course I have been looking for a way to learn so I was willing to take the risk

  18. I am a bit of a noob, but I am interested in this just to learn something and see if I have what it takes. I’m not really 100% sure I could do it. If I could, it would be pretty damn awesome. I at least would like to gather further info on what you’re looking for.

  19. I’m interested too, please contact me with the details!

  20. I’d definitely like to sign up to do this.

  21. Hmm.. I still haven’t heard anything… Also I just realized there is another Sean wonder if that’s why?

  22. also still haven’t heard a thing….

    J0e we are anxiously waiting

  23. i am very interested in this…….

    please keep us posted…..

  24. I want in as well!

  25. I’m really intresed on this let me how I can join and learn from all of you

  26. pleas keep me post it this is a great opportunity and thank you in advances

  27. J0e I would be very interested in this. Please hit me up whenever you have time.

  28. interesting..

  29. I’m interested.

  30. Interested, count me in please!

  31. Interested. Keep me posted.

  32. Please sign me up! Very interested.

  33. Fighting In Security

    Very interested in this opportunity. Please let me know how I can be a part.
    email: fornalmichael@gmail.com
    twitter: @fornalm

  34. I would like to begin the process of applying to become a “Security Rookie” if there are still positions available, then please contact me and I can provide you with more on my background, experience and goals.

    Thank you.

  35. Interested to hear more! Wondering how much of a time commitment this is for full-time employees. Thanks!

  36. Mr. Mccray, I hope you still have openings or a wait list. I would very much like to be considered for this. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  37. I’d be interested in this also.

  38. Is this the first test? You post something with no further info about the registration process? Do we have to hack in to your account to find out?

  39. I’m also interested. Followed from twitter post

  40. this would be awesome, would really like to know more about this if its still possible

  41. I’d like to be part of the team. Not a complete rookie, but looking to strengthen my resume. How do I get involved?

  42. I’m interested, Mr. McCray. My skype name is “josival.jr”

    I’m studying Network Security in City College of San Francisco this semester, taking Firewalls, Network Security and Ethical Hacker classes with Sam Bowne, that recommended me “the rookies”. I’d like to join the group.

    I have previous experience with BackTrack and Linux administration. I’m a LPIC-1.



    Josival Junior

  43. Joe’s Rookie teams are not a hoax, and after about a year, if you have a decent head on your shoulders and a thirst for knowledge, you will probably be in a pentesting gig 😉

  44. Hey Joe! I am interested in this, its a really good idea. Would love to hear some more details please.


  45. count me in.. i have been hacking for seven years.. got i 5 years sentense for being a script kid..

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