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Welcome to the Security Rookies Website

You can call it an internship, you can call it slave labor, or you can call it a bunch of hackers hanging out. The Security Rookies – aka – “the rookies” are a group of people that are interested in learning hands-on security concepts from Joe McCray. They are tasked with doing security research, writing documentation, proof-reading/editing IT Security courseware, and assisting on penetration tests and incident response engagements.

What is required:

  • Regular meetings shall be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Skype. Best effort shall be made to attend. If one cant attend, prior notice shall be given to team lead asap.
  • Special meetings may be held at any time when called for by the team lead. Best effort must be made to attend or otherwise obtain the information from the meeting.
  • Agendas will include discussing assignments, penetration tests, etc …
  • If more than two consecutive weeks are missed with no contact, team member shall be dismissed.
  • Best effort to complete assignments by due date shall be made. Notify team lead of any expected delays.

What are the Benefits/Perks:

  • Free access to IT security courses from Strategic Security (access granted based on work output)
  • Joe McCray will pay for your certifications exams based on work output
  • You may assist Strategic Security consultants on pentests,  and other security engagements

After 1 year of being a rookie with satisfactory work output – Joe will take you to conference (ex: Black Hat, Def Con) and pay the basic travel expenses such as Airfare, Hotel, and Meals.


If you are interested in joining – you can contact Joe McCray via email at: joe [ -at- ]